Tools of the Trade

A dry cleaning machine is just ONE of the tools in our arsenal for cleaning textiles.

Insurance companies and contractors rely on Total Textile Solutions to restore more that just a blouse or a pair of pants.

We can restore a variety of ‘textile’ items from window coverings to ice skates; from a designer wedding dress to a cherished baseball glove. All with the most amazing customer support around!

Each item poses unique concerns, and, therefore, needs the appropriate tool to care for its’ restoration. We use a variety of ‘finishing’ equipment that includes high-pressured, non-burning hand irons, tension steamers, boilers, compressors and specialized vacuums. Each of our Total Textile members ensure that these ‘tools’ are available to restore every textile item included in a job. The best ‘finishing’ tools, however, are the highly trained staff that each of our members has in place to execute the sort of craftsmanship necessary to guarantee customer satisfaction.

With over 100 years of collective experience in textile restoration... means WE'VE GOT THIS