A dry cleaning machine is just ONE of the tools in our arsenal for cleaning textiles.

Insurance companies and contractors rely on Total Textile Solutions to restore more that just a blouse or a pair of pants.

Restoration takes a multitude of tools to do well.

We can restore a myriad of ‘textile’ items from window coverings to ice skates; from a custom wedding dress to a much loved baseball glove. All with  the most amazing customer support around!

Each item poses unique concerns, and, therefore, needs the appropriate tool to care for its’ restoration. We use a variety of ‘finishing’ equipment that includes high-pressured, non-burning hand irons, tension steamers, boilers, compressors and specialized vacuums. Each of our Total Textile members ensure that these ‘tools’ are available to restore every textile item included in a job. The best ‘finishing’ tools, however, are the highly trained staff that each of our members has in place to execute the sort of craftsmanship necessary to guarantee customer satisfaction.

  • Each of our members uses a variety of ‘finishing’ equipment.

  • High-pressured, non-burning hand irons & tension steamers, boilers, compressors and specialized vacuums.

  • Highly trained and specialized staff.

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