Canada wide Total Textile Solutions


Total Textile Solutions is a proud Canadian network of Textile vendors that are recognized as National Service Providers. Members are carefully selected across Canada and they represent the best choice of textile restorers in their respective regions.  Total Textile Solutions compliments the services offered by the Canadian Insurance Industry and works in collaboration with the insurance adjusters and contractors to fully restore property, damaged in any disaster, and bring it back to pre-claim conditions.

As a group we share best practices, techniques, and our state-of-the-art inventory management system enables us to itemize and prioritize items to provide adjusters and clients with accurate information at all times.

Our network of member companies remain individually owned. We all adhere to the highest standards of service in our industry and encourage one another to share our best techniques and practices with each other. As a group we have better access to buying power and shared resources such as our customized software Tromis.

Meet Our Team

Craig McIntyre
Craig McIntyreWinnipeg
Total Textile Solutions (Winnipeg) locally known as Fabricare Fire and Flood Restorations is owned and operated by Craig McIntyre. Craig was born and raised in Winnipeg and has been in the textile restoration business for 15 years.

Fabricare is one of the biggest players in the Manitoba restoration market and takes pride in their quality and service. The Total Textile/Fabricare team comprises over 100 years of experience in the textile business.

Mark Stephen
Mark StephenCalgary
Our company’s passion and drive to help other in times of need are what have enabled us to be leaders in the restoration industry. It’s our commitment to being a learning organization and listening to our clients and industry partners that allow us to deliver the level of service they deserve.

My family has been restoring clothing since 1962 and I have been operating the business for 28 years. Our management team has 125 years of combined industry experience and we look forward to partnering with you.

Guy Marois
Guy MaroisQuebec
In 1999, Guy Marois joined the Nettoyeur Rose team, which focuses solely on post-disaster cleaning.

Previously Guy worked in the family business Lusterized in Montréal, a fur, leather and suede cleaning specialist.

Garry St-Louis
Garry St-LouisOttawa
Garry St-Louis, a representative of Nettoyeur St-Louis Inc., operates multiple facilities in the National Capital Region, covering both sides of the river in Quebec and Ontario. As a representative of the third generation in the business, Garry has been involved in all aspect of the operations for the past 30 years, from dry cleaning, to suede, leather and furs cleaning and restoration.

In the past decade the company has invested significant efforts in the modernization of its facilities and processes for the insurance industry in regards to the after disaster incidents such as fires, floods and more.

Frank Wagner
Frank WagnerVancouver
Founded in 1841 by Johann Valentin Wagner, the Wagner family has been in the garment industry for more than 165 years. Frank grew up in the drycleaning industry and is the fourth generation to carry on his family’s tradition. After spending countless evenings and weekends bagging thousands of orders by hand, Frank completed a three year dry-cleaning apprenticeship and graduated from an exclusive textile school in Austria.

Along with being a proud member of Total Textile Solutions, Frank is a leader in textile restoration and is the current President of Total Textile Solutions and the BC Fabricare Association.

Mike Berardi
Mike BerardiPeterborough
Mike has been involved with the dry cleaning industry for 34 years and the textile restoration industry for 30 years. He began working after school working the front counter and Saturday’s at 14 years old. He then began doing deliveries when he was sixteen years old, He then started full time employment after high school in 1985.

Kent Cleaners then began fire restoration in 1987 for a restoration company in Peterborough as most dry cleaning establishments were not interested in doing fire orders. Kent Cleaners then excelled in the restoration business doing work for all contracting companies in Peterborough and expanding into Belleville and Kingston.

Mike continues to concentrate on business development and assisting the team in providing textile restorations valued customers with outstanding service and support.

Anthony Mollicone
Anthony MolliconeToronto & GTA
Pronto Cleaners Ltd. has been a family run business s since its conception in 1989. Ever Since the age of 14, my brothers and I spent countless weekends helping my father Lou and mother Luisa clean and press clothing. Personally speaking, I’ve always enjoyed this line of work, but spending time with my family will forever be the highlight. For nearly 30 years Lou & Luisa stressed the importance of customer service. That was made evident in every claim they attended and in every garment that passed through our facility.

Customer Service is the cornerstone of our business, and as such the level of quality, care and compassion that our customers experience is to date unmatched. In April of 2017 we lost Lou to a very aggressive form of Brain Cancer (Glioblastoma Multiforme). Though I have big shoes to fill, and with the continued guidance and support of Luisa, I’m confident in my abilities to maintain the level of quality, care and compassion that you our valued customers deserve.

Jeff Lamotte
Jeff LamotteWindsor/London
Fletcher’s Cleaners, based out of Leamington, has an 80 year history of clothing care excellence. Jeff, married with three children has 30 years experience in the business and almost 15 years as a restoration dry cleaner, handling claims of every type.
“Our ability to marry highly personalized service with state of the art methods is the key to our success. We take great satisfaction when we can do our part to bring a family, who may have suffered a disaster, back to normalcy”