Exceptional people providing exceptional service

When you and your customers need restoration services, Total Textile Solutions (TTS) is there with its national network of hand-selected operators who have more than 15 years in the restoration industry.

“Our members are carefully selected across Canada as the best choice of textile restorers in their respective regions,” says Frank Wagner, owner of Wagner’s European Fabricare, one of the original members of TTS. “They have a proven track record for quality work, inventory management and superior customer service.”

Their expertise has been proven time and time again as TTS has cleaned and saved millions of items from shoes to clothing and window coverings to sentimental items every year across Canada. They can tackle anything from water losses, fire and smoke damage, to sewer backup and odour control.

Stephen Lowe, recently appointed as the new national sales manager for TTS, is committed to building on the company’s quality people and service and expanding the footprint of the business. With members in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, TTS is hoping to expand into the Maritimes this year.

“Our objective is to build strong relationships with national property restoration contractors, insurers and independent adjusters,” Lowe says. “As we continue to expand our footprint we will provide even more benefit to our customers. Companies operating regionally and coast to coast want consistent service from a textile restoration company, so it makes sense for them to deal with a company that has a national business presence.”

TTS’s prime goal is to mitigate the insured’s damages cost-effectively and efficiently. The relationships its network has formed over the decades help make that happen. They complement the services offered by the insurance industry and collaborate with the adjusters and restoration companies to fully restore property back to pre-claim conditions. The process is meant to be fair and cost-conscious every step of the way so that the insurer and homeowner are satisfied with the end result. In the initial on-site visit, the TTS professional will assess and consider the value of the items to be restored. They take into consideration their monetary and sentimental value, the feasibility of restoring and whether it’s worthy of restoration.

For example, if the TTS professional finds a box of children’s clothing stored in the basement, they will ask if it was intended to be donated and would it be ok to put a cash value on it or if it has sentimental value and does the owner want it to be restored.

TTS also has its own “secret weapon” of sorts to help with the process. While competitors use retail software to track items, TTS uses Tromis, software that was specifically designed for its operations. Tromis uses a barcode system for all items from initial pick up to final delivery.

Items for restoration are bagged and the bag is given a barcode corresponding to the room location in the home and scanned into Tromis. Bags are scanned for transport, and at the facility they are inspected,

inventoried, barcoded and photographed if necessary.

TTS can track the number of items that have been cleaned, inspected and delivered. All the information is fully accessible to the adjusters. Tromis allows for timely detailed reports and will also aggregate data from across the network to provide customized

reporting to meet your needs.

All it takes is one phone call to TTS at 855-303-2273 to access a trained professional in your region. They provide around-the-clock service and understand the need to respond immediately to quickly and efficiently remove salvageable textiles so the remediation process can begin in the home as soon as possible.

TTS’s uniformed professionals will serve as an extension of your team to put the customer at ease. Together we will offer the complete restoration solution to the homeowner.